Saturday, July 16, 2011

Henry Diersen Family Reunion, August 7, 2011

Descendants of 
Henry (Heinrich) Diersen (1853-1928) 
of Houston County, Minnesota
are invited and encouraged to come for the
Triennial Family Reunion:


 - Eitzen Community Center
   207 W Main St
   Eitzen, MN 55931 


-  Sunday, August 7th, 2011
-  12:00pm - 3:00pm


 - Dish to share for Potluck Dinner (and serving spoon, if needed.)
 - Remember to label your things!

Coffee, lemonade, and table service will be provided!

Wear your family color!

   John - Green
        Martin - Red
              Herman - Blue
                    Art - Yellow

Catch up on family connections! Fill in those holes in your genealogy project. And yes, there will be
oor prizes!

For more information, contact Patti Kratzke:

Visit the Facebook page to RSVP

Please feel free to use the Comments section to post information about family news:
Births, weddings, passings, graduations, or whatever you want to share with your shirttail relatives!

You have to click on the word "comments" directly below (it's small and in grey), and that will open up the comments section.


  1. From Elizabeth (Koch) Johnson, daughter of Julie Koch (Diersen), granddaughter of Harold Diersen, great-granddaughter of Art Diersen.

    Aralyn Julie Johnson, born April 3, 2009 born to Elizabeth (Koch) and Eugene Johnson

    Martin Roland Koch, born November 20, 2008 born to Paul and Katie (Keller) Koch (Paul is Julie's son)

    Maria Christine Koch, born November 10, 2010 born to Paul and Katie (Keller) Koch

  2. Congratulations to Andrea Kratzke, Edina HS Class of 2011, and St. Olaf future Class of 2015.
    Andrea is the daughter of Robert Kratzke, granddaughter of Irene (Diersen) Kratzke, and great-granddaughter of Arthur Diersen.

  3. From Joel Schroeder (son of Selma Schroeder, daughter of Arthur Diersen):

    Thanks for the invitation to the Diersen Reunion. I was preaching that Sunday. Maybe if I hear about the next one I can arrange my preaching schedule and make one. Thanks for your service trying to keep the Diersen family connected. It must seem like a thankless task at times.

    I serve as the second pastor in Overland Park, KS. I served there 8 years after my 6 years in Nashville. Then due to family needs I was out of the ministry for 13 years as a seminar speaker and entrepreneur (owned a house cleaning business). For the last 8 years, I’ve been back serving the same church I served for 8 years until I left the ministry. God willing, I expect to serve another 8 years before I retire. I lost 87 pounds in the last 12 months. I now weigh 186—close to where I want to be. This time, I plan to keep it off. I was elected Circuit Pastor by my peers and recently was elected to the board of our Northwestern Publishing House. That will allow me to see my mom and siblings in Wisconsin more regularly, since the publishing house is in Milwaukee.

    My wife works for a phone company, CenturyLink. She can work at home 2-3 days a week. She has 3 years until retirement. She had a giant aneurysm in her left frontal lobe 8 years ago (There’s that number again!). She gets stronger each year, but still has fatigue issues at the end of the day. Now she’s pretty much “with it” until about 7 pm at night.

    Addie works for the US State Dept. She’s 30 years old and still single—but getting serious. She has served in Athens, Moscow, and Baghdad. She’s learned Greek, Russian, and Arabic. Her next tour for two years will be on the Secretary of State’s travel team. She owns a condo in DC.

    Abel is 25. He is a collision repair tech and volunteer firefighter. He lives with a buddy—all pretty amazing since he has high functioning autism. We only have to help him manage his money.

    I hope to visit Neal sometime in the next few years. When I do, perhaps I will have the chance to visit you.

    If you get to Kansas City, be sure to look us up. Your mom and dad visited us a few years back and we enjoyed it.